The Villemez Music Studio helps students of all ages develop their natural creativity and musical skills so that they can be more inventive and inspiring not only in their music, but also in every aspect of the life.


Lessons are offerened at two locations around Cincinnati. In the Uptown/Clifton neighborhood, lessons take place at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. On the East side of Cincinnati, lessons are taught at a private residence in Hyde Park.

Our Teacher  

Andy Villemez is a composer, pianist, and educator with degrees from Vanderbilt University and the University of Cincinnati. He believes in each student's potential to connect with and use the arts to better themselves and their community. Click here to visit his website.


Coming from a wide range of ages, backgrounds, and skills levels, students in the Villemez Music Studio strive to be creative, character-driven artists that want to contribute to society and use the arts in productive and unique ways.

Our 8 year old son absolutely loved learning piano from Andy. We are both lucky and fortunate to get lessons from Andy for our son. Andy has an amazing way to connect with kids, to teach them at their level, he paces himself with the child's development, and has a passion for teaching. Andy is constantly working towards making the learning experience outstanding. The recitals are so much fun, every time with a well thought theme. Thank you Andy!


Ruchi Bhabhra